Front Bull-bar for DUSTER
  • Superb front bull bar and bumper protection made from stainless steel specially created for Renault Dacia Duster !
  • Complete mounting kit is included!
 Bullbar and front bumper protection
 Bullbar and polyurethane front bumper for Dacia Duster. The price includes mounting kit.
Inox rear bumper bar
The bumper is made of stainless steel tubes of high quality offering extra protection to your car plus and emphasize the car’s sporty character giving an aesthetically unbeatable.
Front metal bumper Duster
  • Built from the highest quality materials, unique in the world and based on a pattern that makes your Duster look outstanding with maximum protection in any circumstances.
  • Winch mount is also included.
Rear metal bar Duster
  • An assembly made of full iron pipes, built with high quality materials, on a unique in the world.
  • Besides it’s fabulous and imposing aspect offered, the bumper offers a great protection in any road circumstance. The rear protection bar has built in system to support the spare wheel, also completing the look of the car and offering an impressive space in the trunk, especially for owners with LPG installations with round cylinder.
  • The construiction of the bumper is based on the tow hook, very useful in different situations,either you are going in holiday or you need to tow other auto assembly.
 Front Bumper Duster
It fits directly to the chassis. Replaces the original bumper. Finished powder coated with chrome center. Benefits:

  • Improves approach angle
  • Protect the vehicle
  • Vehicle recovery points
  • Allows driving/spot lights instalation
  • 2,5 and 5mm steel construction
  • Good looking
  • Alumium skid plate included
  • Fog lights included




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