Shock absorbers

0001505_bilstein-by-mudster-shock-absorbers-2017-version-set-of-4_550Bilstein by Mudster shock absorbers 2017 version, set of 4

  • Compatible with any Dacia/Renault Duster 4×4 2010+.
  • The only lifting shock absorbers in the market perfectly adapted for both petrol and Diesel engine Dusters!
  • Provides 35 mm of lift in conjunction with the standard , OEM springs.
  • Corrects the camber angles (no camber correction kits required).
  • The engine and gearbox lowering kit is not required for this shock absorber model, but we recommend it for a more pleasant experience after lifting the suspension.
  • The shock absorber’s tube is double reinforced in order to prevent it’s bending when abused during hard offroading.
  • The spring support is reinforced.
  • The sway bar link’s mount points are relocated in order to prevent the link’s bending during offroading.
  • 24 month warranty with unlimited kilometers.



0000692_bilstein-by-mudster-shock-absorbers-set-of-4_550Bilstein by Mudster shock absorbers,set of 4

  • Compatible with Dacia Duster 4×4 2010+. Recommended for Diesel engines.
  • Provides + 4,5cm to 5,5cm of lift depending on the type of springs used.
  • Offering a superior road behavior to any other type of shock absorber for Dacia Duster even in competitions.
  • Provides unrivaled reliability with the highest quality materials used, applied anti-corrosion protection as well as reinforcement of the tube and spring support.
  • They are the only shock absorbers for Dacia Duster in the market that use the interior spring to stop end of stroke.
  • Corrects camber angle (no camber correction kits required ).
  • The position of the anti roll bar links mount point is adjusted, so lower swingarm will not damage the links when the wheel is in it’s lower position.
  • Compatible with H & R springs +3 cm, Ironman 4×4 +3.5 cm springs, Eibach springs +3 cm as well as any other 2.5-3.5 cm lift springs for Dacia Duster.
  • 24 month warranty with unlimited kilometers.


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