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Dear Mudster family member,

Because we know how much you care about your Duster, we’re sending you some “long life” recommendations so you can enjoy as much time and in the best of adventure as possible:

We recommend that you regularly check the rubber protection sleeves from the dampers’ rods (recommended to be done at every 10.000-15.000 km) so that they are permanently in good condition: without cracks, widening and visible signs of damage; this way, you will protect the life of your shock absorbers! (Whether they are OEM, Bilstein by Mudster, Ironman, Peders, or Dobinsons.) Also, keep in mind that rolling with damage to the sleeves can lead to the cancellation of the warranty of your shock absorbers!

We recommend that you regularly check the geometry of your car: it is well known that joint wear, compression of the springs (inherent in time), as well as other unpredictable elements, can affect the geometry which in turn affects the wear of the tires, damage the on-road behavior and the stability of the vehicle.

If you have installed a new suspension – whether it’s only shock absorbers, springs or a complete kit – we recommend checking and correcting the geometry after about 1,000 km of installation, so that the springs can reach as much closer to their final “working” position.

If you have installed a more “sporty” suspension, as well as in difficult situations (mud, snow, sand, etc.), we recommend that you adjust the tire pressure! Thus, for increased comfort on uneven roads, you can adjust the tire pressure to 1.8 – 1.9 atm. To benefit from increased traction in difficult terrain, you can adjust up to 1.5-1.6 atm, but we recommend that you run carefully without forcing the tire’s flanks (for example, suddenly braked wheel brakes).

Also, for important temperature changes (summer / winter), we recommend checking the tires pressure!

When using winches, we recommend that you adhere to a minimum of rules for avoiding accidents and / or damaging the car / winching equipment / the environment: DO NOT stay in the vicinity of the winch’s cable while it is under load; place a textile item (jacket, t-shirt, blanket) over the cable to take the shock in case of breakage; carefully monitor any abnormal (noise, smoke) appearance of the winching equipment and immediately stop the winching if you notice such anomalies; protect trees that are used for trolling using the “tree” special recovery strap.

A snorkel will help the engine suck cleaner and cooler air, it also protects the engine from accidental water intake through deep waters; it does not turn your car into an amphibious vehicle – use the car responsibly! Attention to the car’s buoyancy point – in deep water it can float relatively easily.

Always check by foot the “unknown” and risky route ahead of you before you drive thru; you will thus avoid unwanted “adventures”.

Other notes and observations, especially for those who are now studying how and with which components to equip their Mudster:

Metal bumpers (front / rear) as well as steel bull bars are NOT legally intended to be used on public roads! These accessories are intended for use in rough terrain, outside public roads. Their use under other conditions may result in the user’s liability in case of an accident or control of the authorities.

Changes that can be made to a “standard” car are tested long before being proposed and most of the time have no negative consequences on the use of the car, especially if it does not have significant wear. However, there are some cases where certain modifications may amplify the phenomena caused by the wear of some subassemblies: for example, the lifting suspension may accentuate the noises produced by accentuated wear of the front semi shafts or joints that have run a sufficient number of miles. This behavior in our opinion is not a technical and / or component design problem, but rather it is a natural consequence of upgrading a vehicle that has a significant wear-out degree. Every time we will be glad to advise you and find together the most effective remedies, both technically and financially.

We will periodically return to you with information of this nature. If you do not wish to receive such communications from us, please let us know by e-mail! A simple “No” is enough.

We thank you for your time and enjoy having fun with your Duster!

The Mudster Team

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