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0001622_dacia-duster-2018-tow_550Dacia Duster 2018 Tow

Hakpol demountable hook for Dacia Duster fabrication 2018- present. It is not compatible with previous models (2010-2017).

Maximum towable mass 1500 kg with a 75 kg push and a force D = 9 kn.

The hook is European approved.

It includes:

  • The electrical system
  • CAN-BUS mode
  • 7-pin socket

NOTE: The 7-pin socket is used predominantly for towing trailers. You can also opt for the 13-pin plug used predominantly for towing caravans. For supplying the 13 pin plug please contact us or specify in your order.


0001607_roof-bars-for-dacia-duster-2018_550Roof Bars for Dacia Duster 2018+

The roof bars set includes all the elements required for mounting on the longitudinal bars of the car.

With a length of 120cm and a capacity of 90 kg, the bars are suitable for all kinds of luggage compartments (trunk boxes, bicycle stand, ski rack, kayak / canoe booth, etc.).

They are fitted with a 20 mm standard T profile channel for fitting various accessories, giving you a wide range of luggage transport options.

It benefits from a fixed and secure grip system that prevents their movement or play and, implicitly, luggage in traffic. The system is equipped with anti-theft system.

The bars have an oval section that gives an aerodynamic profile to the cross bars to help minimize noise and reduce aerodynamic strength.

The kit contains:

  • 2 x Aluminum cross bars
  • 4 x Longitudinal fastening systems
  • 1 x Allen key (no other tool required)


  • Bar length 1200 mm
  • Height bar 27 mm
  • Width 54 mm
  • Weight 3.4kg
  • Aluminum material
  • Channel across the 20mm bars
  • Maximum capacity 90 kg
  • Anti-theft system
  • Testing TUV and ISO / PAS 11154: 2006 (clauses 5.2.5, 5.3.5)
  • According to DIN 75302



        Spare wheel rack

An excellent device for owners of LPG installations or for shipments that require more than one spare tire.
Access to the trunk is very easy, by lowering the rak.
Useful anytime!
It is easily to mount and dismount.
Disassembled, the product takes up very little space!
Dimensions: 650mm X 255mm


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